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5 Ways to Reset Your Internal Clock

5 Ways to Reset Your Internal Clock \ Cynthia Rowley CaliYork Sweatshirt Julia Friedman in West Hollywood.

Sleep deprived and need to get back on track? Here are 5 ways to reset your internal clock

5 Ways to Reset Your Internal Clock

Your internal clock is essentially what tells your mind and body when to go to sleep at night and then when to wake up in the morning. Your internal clock is responsible for waking you up 5 minutes before your alarm is set to go off in the mornings. As I’ve previously mentioned, I love going out with friends at night but I also really value my mornings. Over the past few weeks my internal clock has been a bit messed up. I haven’t been able to fall asleep before 1AM throughout the week because of the late weekend nights I have. Due to falling asleep late, it’s become increasingly harder for me to wake up early in the morning. I decided to do some research and over the course of the past week (minus the weekend) I really have stuck with a plan to reset my internal clock and I thought it would be interesting to share with you.

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To start, I made it a point to eat an early dinner (at least 3 hours before you want to go to bed) and then stuck to warm lighting throughout my apartment. The first night it was hard for me to go to sleep because my stomach was growling (since I have been eating late dinners) and I was also watching Netflix. I probably dosed off around 12:30… So that’s a start! The next night, I ate a light dinner and then worked out in efforts to tire out my body. This kind of gave me a second wind of energy, but when I woke up in the morning, I definitely felt more well-rested! On the third night, I did not work out, but I cleaned my apartment and pampered myself with a face mask which I think actually helped my mind relax a bit. I fell out at 11:30. So what I’ve learned is to be consistent, set alarms in the morning for yourself so you don’t oversleep, to not drink coffee after lunch time, to limit time on electronics before bed, and to pamper yourself with bubble baths and face masks (because that’s always a good idea)!

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